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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Postcard Killers by James Patterson & Lisa Marklund

Well, this was rather intriguing...
I'm no-doubt a James Patterson admirer,the guy is just plain skilled. He's able to crank out new books all the time and they're GOOD. Of course, he gets paid enough to do this.
Anyways, up till now I have only read his Maximum Ride series (which are radical, by the way), and I was curious about his other thrillers. Apparently, European author Lisa Marklund composed the 1st draft, and Patterson did the 2nd. I had seen in on-display in store aisles and it had always looked interesting, plus, it had a TV commercial. How cool is that? You don't see commercials for books everyday.
But media aside, this was a "unique" story. It opens up in the prologue describing the murder of a tourist couple in Paris, France. It goes into the rather disgusting and horrific process the pair of Mac and Sylvia, aka the Postcard Killers go through in order to slay their victims. I was definitely grossed out, but I told myself to keep reading to see if it got less vile. I suppose it did.
The story then cuts to NYPD detective Jacob Kanon investigating the case. But this is no ordinary killing, because all over the European continent, young couples are found dead in hotel beds, and their bodies are arranged in the most curious of ways. Whenever a pair is killed off, the assassins send a postcard to a local newspaper, followed by a photograph of their victims. All over Europe, this is happening. "But why?" is the question we readers ask, "Why are Mac and Sylvia doing this?"
Jacob Kanon is desperate to find out, ever since his only daughter, Kimmy, and her boyfriend, are murdered in Rome. For 6th months he's been tracking the killers all through Europe.
Then we meet Dessie Larsson, a Swedish reporter who receives the postcards of death in Stockholm. She and Jacob join up with a police force to find out who the killers are, and exactly why they are doing this.

I'll admit, it was strange and horrific. But it was a good story with an expertly planned plot. Though it was revealed in the prologue who the killers were, we don't find out their reasoning until much later. To me, the purpose of the killing was a little iffy, and a bit unrealistic, but it still fit. Readers will be astounded at some points, but don't expect a traditional murder mystery story, because it's really only half of one. One thing that was cool about it was that the bodies were arranged to mimic famous works of art. Okay, I know that it sounds disgusting, but it only adds to the cleverness of the killers. I certainly won't recommended this for younger readers, this an adult book with the works: language, sexual content and themes, and violence and gore. But overall, I thought it was awesome.

A choppy, fast-paced thriller that will have you turning page after page. It will charge you up like a double-shot Starbucks expresso drink, making you excited and wanting more.
4 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Cool review. I want to read it now! Sounds intriguing.