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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler

With so many novels out there today about scandal, war, intrigue, drama, and violence, sometimes we just need a break from the heavy stuff. So what are supposed to read then? Well, one book you can check out is The Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler.

This was a cute book all about finding where you truly belong. It involves all the good stuff, a rock-paper-scissors league, pink frosting, a beauty pageant, cats, Jolly Ranchers, and much more. But here's what really goes on:

Penny Lane (named after the Beatles song) feels like her life has fallen apart. When her parents separate, this New York City gal is forced to go live with her mom in the small town of Hog's Hollow. At first, Penny hopes that the move is only temporary because she can't stand living there. She is constantly bullied by some mean girls at school ever since the Queen Bee's birthday party was ruined by some cupcakes that Penny and her mom made at their bakery, The Cupcake Queen. But life slowly starts looking up. She makes a few new friends, does some serious cupcake making, and a certain good-looking-but-mysterious boy catches her eye. So Penny begins to adapt to her new life. But one important decision she must make could shatter it all. Should she go back to her old life in New York or stick with the town she's come to love?

So yeah, you don't exactly come across life or death drama in this story. Don't expect any serious action, because at times it can be as sweet as it's title. But it was still nice, even if it was a bit slow at times. Penny is a girl we can all relate too, and we are right by her side through every page. This is an innocent book too. No suggestive themes, violence, language, or drugs here! It was a most well-behaved story! The most intense it gets is when the characters go into their personal lives. Penny's parents have their problems. Her friend Tally's dad ignores her while he's on the road. Her friend Marcus' mom is dead. But with support, they overcome these parental issues.

I think my only problem with it was that it was wrapped up far too quickly. It didn't explain much, I was expecting more out of the ending. I guess it didn't go into as much detail as I wanted. Oh well. I think people will enjoy it anyway.

So basically if you are looking for something sugary-sweet and adorable, The Cupcake Queen is the way to go.

Cute, fun, and at times, possibly
heart-warming, this book is a great read when you don't want anything too intense.
3/5 stars.

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