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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Angel by James Patterson

I waited way too long to read this book.

I just didn't feel like forking over the cash and buying a hardcover copy when all my other Max Ride books are in paperback. Am I the only one with the series-must-be-either-all-in-paperback-or-all-in-hardcover-but-never-both obsession? My point is, just now was I able to get a copy from the library and read it.

Maximum Ride is a killer series. James Patterson is definitely one of the greatest authors ever, not just basing it off of this series but his dozens and dozens of other books as well. But here's my review on Angel, the 7th book in the series. A summary:

Max Ride, the human-avian hybrid who is basically a teenage girl with a fifteen-foot wingspan, is back. She and her friends have saved the world several times before, but now they may be facing their biggest challenge yet when they make it their mission to take down the Doomsday Group, a creepy and disturbing cult that is spreading across the globe. This group has a motto: Save the planet. Kill the humans.

All this might not be as hard if Fang, Max's former flock member and her supposed true love hadn't left her and started his own "Fang gang" also made up of genetically-enhanced teens set on saving the world. And scientists begin pushing Max to be with Dylan, the boy who was created to be her perfect other half. Max resists, but eventually admits to herself that she may be falling for Dylan as well, even if it means leaving Fang behind.

But then the two groups are forced to work together, Max & flock and the Fang gang head to Paris to take down the Doomsday group, which is more dangerous and explosive than they previously thought. And this time, it might just be little Angel who saves the day.

I've been a fan of these books since I picked up the 1st one years ago. James Patterson is one of those authors who never slows his books down, there is always something happening. His short, choppy chapters, which nearly all end in cliffhangers ensures this. Before this book, I always saw Max Ride to be a science fiction series. And now, I am sad to announce that after reading Angel, I think it is more of a science fiction/romance series.

We now stumble upon the issue of love triangles, or, sort of, my issue with them. Sure, love triangles work for flimsy vampire fantasy novels, basically because without it the author would have no story line because in most cases vampires just aren't interesting. It's a fact of literary life. What I'm trying to say here is that I don't think Patterson needs a love triangle to make his stories interesting. They are already fascinating enough, and his unique ideas of a world that is constantly threatened by apocalypse-loving scientists can stand on its own and make a great story. It doesn't need a complex love triangle! I honestly don't care which winged suitor she chooses anymore, I just want her to pick one and get on with it!

Looking past all this, the book was still GOOD. There was still the epic battles that are MR staples. Max still narrates the books in her hilarious, spot-on way. I love how funny these books are! And the mysterious Doomsday group? Loved it. The book is fast and exciting, just like any other in the series.

The final Max Ride book comes out next year. I love how Patterson chose to end his apocalypse-implemented series on the year the world is supposed to end, 2012. Maybe those Mayans have it wrong...the world isn't going to end, Max Ride is. And for the thousands of fans of the series, this truly does seem like the end of everything.

Exciting, explosive, romantic. The pages "fly" by.
4/5 stars

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