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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Internet Girls series by Lauren Myracle

It can be difficult to come up with a completely original idea for a novel, and that is why I tip my imaginary hat to Lauren Myracle for thinking outside the box on her Internet Girls series. Why? Because it is a story told completely through instant messaging. Seriously. Open up any one of the books in the series (TTYL, TTFN, or L8r G8r) and reluctant readers will discover a whole new format of story telling that is unlike anything they have ever read. This is smart, since a lot of adolescents would rather be on Facebook or text messaging instead of reading. This thought pains me, but it is the truth. So these books are an interesting compromise.

The 3 book series centers around its 3 main characters: Bubbly, enthusiastic Angela, wild child Maddie, and intelligent overachiever Zoe. The 3 best friends vow on the 1st day of their sophomore year to never let any of high school's lameness get in the way of their threesome, but this proves harder than they think. Through all of the ups and downs of 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, the besties encounter guy drama, peer pressure, fights, gossip, and more. Join them on their adventures trying to navigate through their high school lives, which is all narrated by their humorous IM chats.

As long as you're not easily offended, you'll love these books. The 3 main characters always have a lot to IM about. If there is one thing this series stands for, it is friendship. Through their online chats they are always there for each other. Like I said, it is such a cool format! They are super quick reads too.

But note that these are also on the Most Banned Books list. There is a reason why Lauren Myracle has been referred to as "the Judy Blume of this generation". There is controversy involved because of sexual themes, language, drug references, and religious topics. These are definitely made for teens who are around the same age as the characters and no younger. I can see why this series can be considered offensive. I felt that the novels were somewhat disdainful towards topics like religion and human rights. It seemed to me like the 3 main charries often turned a blind eye to morality. They go to parties with underage drinking, for example. So note that they should be rated around PG-13.

I like these books and have read them all more than once, they are funny and well-crafted. Just keep in mind: morality!

Humorous and clever, this series is about the ups and downs of high school and the people who see you through it.
3.5/5 stars

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  1. Okay so I only read the first book (ttyl) and i ABSOLUTLY loved it!! It was truely an amazing book. The author was able to tie in real life life experiences into this book so that young teens could relate and understand easily. I cant wait to read the tho other books, especially after reading the first one...:D