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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goddess Games by Niki Burnham

Last spring break, I got a boatload of new books to read on vacation. One of these was Goddess Games by Niki Burnham. Reading chick-lit on the beach is kind of my idea of vacation, you see. So here's a self-written summary:

Claire, Seneca, and Drew are three very different girls who all have decided to take a summer job at King's Crown Resort, the most luxurious mountain getaway in Colorado. They each have their reasons for coming. For Claire, coming to King's Crown meant helping get her life back on track and restrengthening her relationship with God. For Drew, it meant getting to train in the mountains (she's a competitive runner) while escaping the trouble back home. For Seneca, the daughter of a famous movie actress, it means getting back on the A-list by kissing up to celebrity resort guests.
All 3 have different goals, hopes, and dreams, which makes it tough when they have to share a cabin. At first, their differences are all they can see, but somehow through fate, they learn to help and support each other.

Since the jacket of the book sends off a spa vibe, and claims that this book helps celebrate the goddess in us all, I assumed it would be a cute, inspiring read. Not exactly.
The book started slow and the first few chapters seemed to lag on. We meet former party-girl Claire, sad and determined Drew, and stuck-up Seneca. Things got a little more interesting once the girls move into their cabin together, but not really. I liked finally learning Claire's secret, which is revealed to us when she tells it to her ex-boyfriend, this was probably the most suspenseful part. We also later learn something about Drew.

So it is your typical girls-who-fight story up until near the end when they finally decide to be friends and bond over a special yoga class, "Goddess Yoga". I suppose this is where the book title comes from. It was weird to me how they suddenly just became friends all of the sudden. That part didn't really seem realistic. And leading up to that turning point, there is some guy drama and emotional issues circulating throughout the three of them. And that's pretty much the book. I wasn't particularly impressed in any way. It was good enough to keep my attention, but I feel that at points it got kind of predictable and lame.
I'd say the most exciting thing that happened was when Drew encounters a bear in the mountains. At least I can thank Niki Burnham because I now know how to fend off a bear if I ever cross paths with one.
One thing that drove me crazy? The fact that the word 'favorite' was always shortened to 'fave'. It was just annoying. I think I was able to tolerate this book due to the fact that I was relaxed at a resort myself while reading it.

An okay book if you're on vacation and want something laid-back to read. But other than that, you can skip this one. Nothing amazing here.
2/5 stars


  1. Hmm. Not sure I'll read!

  2. i have already read it and its ok we r reading it in my book club at school