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Friday, December 16, 2011

Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn

I read this book almost two years ago but it still sticks with me today. The compelling love story and beautiful historical details, combined with repetitive cameos from the same lovable and dreadful characters make this a great read.

It all starts in prehistoric times. A man and a woman fight in a cave over a beautiful jewel, but their attraction towards each other is so strong, it lasts…even after they both die. From there, the two souls reincarnate, and go into different bodies throughout the world and time, always destined to meet again. They become Egyptian slaves, ancient Greek patrons, Civil War soldiers, Parisians during the beginning of World War II and more. Every time they fall in love, some sort of tragedy happens and they die, but fate keeps giving them chance after chance to finally get things right. Because the moral of the story is that love will always triumph…even if it takes thousands of years to get it just right.

I adored this book. All the cool historical events it covered intrigued me, such as the Massachusetts witch trials. Suzanne Weyn did her research well. Another cool thing was that the two lovers weren’t the only ones who reincarnated. There were always two antagonists, another man and woman, who are always trying to get in the way of two protagonists finding each other.

As sad as it was that the two main characters kept dying over and over, I will assure you, the ending is happy. Have no fear.

A quick and enduring read. Beautifully romantic and tragic, but with a satisfying conclusion.
5/5 stars

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